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Strength Training

Look & Feel Your Best

Getting in shape is easy with effective personal training. All it takes is a little discipline and two sessions a week at Fantastic Fitness.

Custom Programs

The Fantastic Fitness Program can be modified to accomodate everyone's capabilities and fitness goals. I adjust the program for you so that you will reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible. However, I never cut corners nor do I push you past safe levels of exercise. We strive for perfect form in each and every exercise. That together with proper stretching and expert decisions on the weight that you can safely handle minimize the risk of injury, which is  greatest threat to your fitness success.  With just two appointments per week, you'll see dramatic progress towards your goal. I focus on:
Weight Loss - Strength Training - Body Toning - Cardio - General Fitness

Fast Results

Your time is valuable, so my affordable programs are tailored to fit into your busy schedule and achieve maximum results with minimum expenditure of time and money. My dynamite fitness programs are perfect for anyone and my clients include:

Busy Professionals- Working Parents - Young  and Older Adults - Kids - Athletes

 Your Workout is Ready when You Arrive

I work by appointment, so there's no waiting and the best equipment is always available. Just show up ready to work out! As your personal trainer, I have your custom workout prepared in advance so we can use our time as efficiently as possible. I change the weights, keep detailed records, and direct every step of your personal training to assure that proper form is safely maintained. I have a friendly, relaxed style and I make sure that you get the most out of every session. I make your workouts fun while we achieve RESULTS!

Personal Training

The 5 Components

My proven fitness system has five components. As long as you stay faithful to these five components and show up to your sessions ready to work, you'll achieve the results you want. The five components are:

Diet - Aerobics - Weight Training - Stretching - Rest