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About the Fantastic Fitness Program

I have designed the Fantastic Fitness Program to allow you to progress rapidly to your fitness goals in only two sessions per week. It is a program that allows working people to fit structured, effective exercise into their lives without spending hours in the gym. The reason the program is so effective is that it has been developed to allow a balanced approach to the four basic muscle groups thereby bringing the whole body to a new fitness level. It is done in a way that uses the components of: 




                                                                weight training and


The intensity of the program is increased in concert with your body's ability to accept the changes to the program without soreness or undue tiredness. I want you to look forward to the program sessions, not dread them. 


The great advantage of using my personal training services is that you merely have to show up and follow my instructions. All the exercises are planned before you come to Fantastic Fitness. I change the weights, instruct you concerning the stretches and weight lifting exercises and monitor form to assure everything is done correctly. There is no confusion. That is how we make fitness progress in every session. Usually you are in and out of the personal training facility within an hour. 

Diet is the first component of the program. I supply you with a diet recommended by a dietician. The diet is very easy to follow. It is not a starvation diet. You will have plenty to eat but all of it is good, healthy food. You have to maintain a diet that you can use in the future or you will fluctuate your weight endlessly. Building muscle helps increase your basal metabolism to burn calories faster. If you are trying to gain weight, additional caloric intake will be required.
                 Weight Training/Stretching


Weight training/stretching are combined into a dynamic duo that pushes the program forward. Stretching the appropriate muscle groups before and after the weight bearing exercises helps prevent injury and reduces soreness. I emphasize proper form to prevent injury, which can set your program back weeks. I am with you during every exercise to assure your success and mine.

I divide the body into 4 muscle groups and design each session to concentrate only on one group. Methods are used to maximize your efforts.


To round out the program, aerobic exercise is necessary. There is a treadmill in my facility that you can use. Also, you can do your aerobic exercise outside of the gym using an appropriate method like walking, jogging, biking or whatever works for you. The main objective is to increase your heart rate and maintain it for a reasonable time. I will provide guidance. The weight training and aerobic exercise burns calories and also raises your basal metabolism allowing greater expenditure of calories while at rest. The combination of all aspects of the program assure sucess.


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